Extreme Downhill


In Slovenia at the event Špas na vas on 27 and 28 August.

It will happen! The first time it happened in America then in Brazil and Australia and this year for the second time there in Slovenia. Extreme Barbie jeep racing. Downhill game where only works gravitation. Children‛s vehicles, but with adults/ grown – ups.

Extreme downhill Barbie jeep racing will take place on Saturday 27 and Sunday 28 August 2016, on a hill at Spodnja Javoršica by Moravče, in groups of 4 to 6 vehicles. The trail will be 30 meters long. The first one who reaches the goal is going to the final drive on Sunday. A more detailed schedules of races will be posted. The maximum number of competitors is 36.

Rules & Course of Event

01Enrolment is open to everyone over 18 years old. For the contest is it is necessary to bring your child vehicle (remove the battery and drive), protective equipment; helmet, gloves, body armour.

02Each participant along with the vehicle ascends to the starting platform (hill), it must be adequately protected. Competitors line up side by side on top of the hill and the starting signal simultaneously descend the hill. And then operate only gravity …. The winner is the one who first leads to the goal.

03The winner receives a prize for the fastest “Barbie racing driver” and as well as a free lunch.


Applications will be accepted until Friday, 26 August 2016, or until the filling the max number of competitors, through the application below, e -mail address: prijava@spasnavas.si and at the information desk at the venue no later than 1 hour prior to the competition (number of participants is limited!).
Each application is sent to you to confirm.

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